Cover testing Underway

Blind Passion:  A Supernatural Love Affair has received 26 reviews so far on Amazon.  I love reading them, and I appreciate it so much when someone takes the time to write something nice.

The publisher has decided to try some different covers for the digital version to see if it improves sales.  The paperback will remain with the original cover we are showing here on the website.  I personally love the first cover, and I don’t really care for the current lady on the cover in the red underwear, but  I would love to hear feedback from my readers.

My hope is that book clubs will pick it up and discuss it.  Even though it is a very sexy book I think the underlying message I intended was for the reader to reflect on what makes them feel loved, and what they do for their loved one to make them feel loved too, because love is a wonderful thing… as long as you are feeling it.  It isn’t enough to be loved if one doesn’t feel loved.

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