Amazing Story I Felt Must Be Shared

Now that my first novel (Blind Passion: A Supernatural Love Affair) is getting its first reviews (mostly 5 stars) I am being asked by various friends how it happened that I managed to get a romance novel published.  Well, it didn’t happen overnight.  First the idea of the story began in my imagination and was continually tweaked there over the course of a year or more.  It was likely influenced by the many books I have read and television series and movies I have enjoyed the most.  While working out with my personal trainer, we talked about the story (she likes to write stories too) and it became more intricate, spicy and suspenseful.  Eventually, I felt I had conceived such an amazing story with awesome twists and turns and juicy sexy scenes to tell that it certainly had to be written down.  This all occurred before FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY was released and became such a major hit.  My story is HOT, there is no doubt about that, but I feel it portrays more of a romantic soul connection type of sexy.  It is not a bondage sex book at all, yet I took FIFTY’s success as a sign that my book could be successful as well.

It took many months to type out the story, followed by editing which took several more months.  I sent letters pitching it to many agents, but I was rejected by them all.  Of course, this was discouraging, but I persevered.  At the same time FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY was receiving a lot of criticism for its level of writing, so I wanted my book to be better received when it was finally published.  (I always knew it would get published.)  I found Writer Services LLC and hired an editor to finesse my tale.  A great deal of what I had written was chopped out, but still resides in my brain for future use.  They created a more concise, better flowing version of my novel, hopefully making it a more pleasurable experience for the reader.

The only thing that is missing from my book which I had hoped to do is to include MP3 links to the songs in the story and create a music soundtrack.   To my knowledge, this hasn’t been done before.  Music has been mentioned before like in FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY to help set the mood, but if you are a reader like I am then you don’t stop reading to go find and listen to the song…. yet is not music the language of the soul?  I would heighten the mood of the setting to be able to hear the music playing when it is mentioned so the reader doesn’t have to stop reading.  (I still have my dreams and hope to make this one come true someday.)

Finally, the editor felt my original book was much too long, and that it should be three books.  Saying that, the book just released is the first of three, and the next two books should follow in the very near future.

Malena Paltero

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