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BLIND PASSION: A Supernatural Love Affair now available in digital and print


Set in the current day, an American woman meets a European man online. She had been content with her life, her husband, her job and children. Yet the briefest chat encounters with this man in a game made her heart palpitate and sent shivers up and down her spine. He was unique, and she was compelled to find out why.

He told her he was single and successful but she had no way to prove or disprove it. Before long he was imagining making love to her… and to both of their shock she could feel everything he was thinking of doing to her. Not long after that, he could feel her thoughts as well, and then they could both hear each other’s voices each time they “connected.” Soon every encounter involved all their senses: visual, auditory, touch, taste and smell. The feeling of pure love that he could surround her with was utterly intoxicating. They experienced the others joy and their pain. It had its sweet moments, but there were serious dangers present as well.

They try to find out how this mysterious connection works and why they have it, which takes them on an incredible journey. Two people sharing one soul? They embark on a journey of love and longing that no one will ever forget.

BLIND PASSION: A Supernatural Love Affair now available on

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BLIND PASSION: A Supernatural Love Affair now available on


After reading a long series of fabulous books written by Diana Gabaldon and Sharon Key Penman, I felt inspired to write what is in my own opinion “a great story.” I take great pleasure in reading fictional novels where the heroine exhibits intelligence. Love scenes with spicy details are so much better than, “They kissed… then they woke up the next morning together” - the type of passage (one you might find in a young adult novel) just stopped appealing to me once I was a mature woman. A well thought out plot that takes twists and turns and leaves the reader thinking about it between reads is critical to me, and a story that fires my imagination leaves me longing for more. Great characters become part of one’s life.

Exciting books make me feel happy and energized. After the great stories, I read too many poorly written pieces of romantic fiction, which led me to think, “I could write better than this!” So I took on my own self-challenge and came up with a story I loved; a love story like no other. Using meditation, I just let the ideas flow from my subconscious to my fingers to the pages. Next I hired a professional editor to take a look at my work and polish it for me. He told me I had at least three books, and he said he liked my work, which I was very grateful to hear.

BLIND PASSION: A Supernatural Love Affair is the first book of a series in progress. Its sequel is expected to be out soon. My primary goal is for the reader to just have a damn good time. It’s an adventure, and it’s sexy, yet a romance based on love and not lust.

Despite being raised a westerner, I have always believed in reincarnation. Years of Lutheran and Catholic education failed to dispel my strongly held beliefs. I think I was about seven years old when I first started having those, “How did I know that?” moments when I would just “know” things that I had never been taught. My mother probably believed in reincarnation too since she often said I must have been a ballerina in my past life.